About Us

What is Clublezlife?

Clublezlife is the premiere events site for lesbians and their friends covering a variety of areas including nightlife, arts, music, community, sports and more.

We are currently in a limited beta launch and would appreciate any comments, feedback or questions.  We are also always looking for volunteers and supporters who want be involved.



To connect lesbians fostering a larger, active community locally, regionally and globally

Women behind the site:

Samantha Needham Samantha Needham - Founder
It's amazing to see a concept in my head for so long become a reality. Thanks to all my friends and supporters that continue to help us grow our community. If you want to connect with me personally, please visit http://www.facebook.com/samanthaneedham.

Tori Kirk Tori Holmes-Kirk with 1980 Creative Media LLC - Freelance Developer
All the way from Chicago, Tori took a few images on the screen and build an application. You can learn more about her business at http://www.1980media.com.

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